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What Are Good Real Estate Skills?

July 21st, 2022

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When looking to get started in real estate some basic skills you should have are being personable, have good communication skills, be organized, understand time management techniques and be reliable.


As the old saying goes you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Being personable will give you a head start in real estate. It is a lot easier to work with someone who is positive and happy then negative. This will help build relationships through the real estate community. There are two sides to every deal so building these positive interactions throughout the community will build strong working relationships. Also, clients will remember how you treat them what can build a network of positive opportunities for you to list and sell properties.


Communication is key in real estate! An agent should have strong communication skills without these skills many deals would fall apart. Agents who learn to have consistent, clear communication through the real estate process will only make the process easier for all parties. Many deals in real estate have some ups and downs so discussing with clients, banks and attorneys about possible issues or timelines will result in less ups and downs.


Staying organized can be a savior especially if the agent has multiple deals going on with different attorneys. Creating files on each deal, scheduling meetings and staying on top of a calendar are great starting points for organization. The more organized the agent is, the easier deals will go. With this organization you will be able know answers to any questions that may arise from your client or attorneys throughout the process. Also, when getting a listing people sub-consciously remember who was organized and who shows up with a mess. Organization and presentation can be the difference between receiving a listing and missing one.

Time Management

Similar to staying organized, time management is one of the best skills an agent can have. Being able to organize your time effectively will only lead to success as a real estate agent. During the busy season you may have multiple deals going as well as showings on listings so you will need to learn to plan accordingly.


Reliability is the perfect combination of every skill listed above. As an agent you must be reliable, buyers and sellers are trusting you to help them through the process. An agent needs to make sure they are easy to talk to, are communicating with all parties, staying organized on the stages of the process and keep times organized. Clients remember the bad experiences more then the good so if you are canceling or losing things it can leave a bad taste in the clients’ mouth leading to loss of future clients and business.

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