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Three Home Trends That Will Stay Around

February 25th, 2022

Side table with chair with three home trends that will stay around written over the top

The way Americans use their homes has changed since the advent of the pandemic. Once many activities were significantly curtailed or eliminated, from going to the office or school, travel, and other entertainment, homeowners spent more time at home. Here are some home design trends for 2022 that may stick around after the pandemic is over.

Smart furniture

According to Puffy.com, the smart furniture industry is on track to reach $244 million by 2024. Televisions can double as artwork when turned off, couches, beds and chairs offer charging ports, but most exciting are coffee tables that come with refrigerator drawers, so you never have to leave the game to grab a cold one.

Muted but colorful décor

Color palettes for 2022, such as those suggested by Benjamin Moore,  are calling for colors on the paler side. This is far from the deep jewel, spice and ocean shades of recent years. Three colors with less chroma and more tint are emerging as popular. Blues because they’re calming, greens for versatility and bringing the outdoors inside, and yellows for cheerfulness and optimism, according to Homesandgardens.com.

Vintage accents

In the chaotic environment of climate change, rising inflation, supply chain interruptions, and sky-high lumber prices, it’s natural to be nostalgic for simpler times. That sentiment is spurring designers and homeowners to seek out vintage furnishings and accessories. Housebeautiful.com explains that vintage pieces add individuality and personality to interior design with craftsmanship and materials that can’t be affordably duplicated today.