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How Do You Plan A Cabin Trip?

July 12th, 2022

How Do You Plan A Cabin Vacation

Planning your cabin trip is super easy now with companies like Air BnB and VRBO. Also, many real estate agencies rent cabins and homes throughout the Adirondack Mountains. The hardest part is deciding what location you would like to spend your vacation. To prepare for your trip you should decide:


Choose what location or region you would like to visit in the Adirondacks. The Adirondack Park is a large area so determining what region will help. Our office covers the Lake Placid region (Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, Wilmington & Keene Valley). Some other notable locations that may come up are the Lake George region, Old Forge region and the Plattsburgh region. They will also be able to offer cabin rentals.


Deciding your dates ahead of time will make it easier to see what is available in the region you are interested in. Also, some homes may have minimum days in order to rent the cabin during certain periods of the year. An example of this is a 5 day or 7 day minimum in the summer. Some of our luxury or lakefront rentals only book from Sunday to Sunday or Saturday to Saturday during the summer months. These requirements are normally in place to ensure that the cabin is prepared for the next rental.


When you decide on the location and days it is time to find your property. Availability may adjust the days or specific location but it will give you a good guide line to find the Adirondack cabin that will fit your needs. When you find the property you are interested in, it is time to book. While booking your cabin look into what is offered. The cabin rental may have everything you need set up and ready to go while others you make need to bring additional items. Also look into the House rules or any additional information to make sure you are comfortable with everything.


Your trip is planned and it’s time to check in. Depending on if it is a private homeowner or a company your check in procedure might be different. Some private homeowners will give out a house code 24-48 hours ahead of time so you are able to check yourself in while providing a book at the property with information. In our office, we provide packets for renters that supplies the keys or code, important information about the property and town event info.

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