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Ask The Broker – Renting Home As Vacation Rental

June 14th, 2022

How do I rent my home as a vacation rental?

House With Keys

Renting your home is now easier than ever. Within our office, we use third party apps like Air BnB or VRBO as well as receiving call ins about our properties. While it is easier than ever, you will still need to consider finding a cleaner and caretaker if you do not plan on handling those aspects. You will also need to consider the time involved for booking and answering questions. Another option is hiring a management company so you do not have to handle the booking, cleaning, and dealing with the maintenance.

Our office requires our home owners to have a care taker. If the homeowner is having a hard time finding one, we can suggest some that we work with. As soon as the homeowner has a caretaker we handle the booking, cleaning as well as reaching out to the caretaker to have things maintained for you making it a stress-free environment.

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