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Is It Worth Buying A Townhouse? Exploring How To Value A Townhouse

April 26th, 2022

Is it worth buying a townhouse?

Bluff 10 Townhome - Exterior

Is it really worth buying a townhouse? Townhomes have pros and cons just like any other style of real estate. In the Adirondack region most of the townhomes are part of a Homeowners’ Association (HOA), so they have extra features and living benefits compared to a standalone single family home.

Additional benefits of living in a townhouse may include maintenance, lake or other waterfront access and direct access to a golf course. While these potential features are nice, many come with a monthly fee, so the buyer will have to consider this in their budget.

A possible negative to buying a townhouse is sharing a wall with your neighbor. Townhomes are like owning a home, so no one lives above or below you, but they are attached on at least one wall. Having a neighbor that close could be a major downside to the buyer. However, many buyers are confident when investing in townhouses since the values often rise with the real estate market. The close proximity of neighbors is not often a consideration for people that want to live with the added HOA and other community benefits of a townhome lifestyle.

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