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Ask The Broker – Is A Townhouse Worth More Than A Condo

April 12th, 2022

Is a Townhouse Worth More Than A Condo?

Bluff 10 Townhome - Exterior Harbor 2 A Exterior

Generally, townhomes are more valuable than condos but this is not always the case. At the Whiteface Club you are able to find townhomes and condos. In the current market, the townhomes at the Whiteface Club are generally selling for over a million dollars while condos are under the million dollar mark. While there are some larger condos at the Whiteface Club that have sold for over a million they are generally closer to the $800,000 or below range. The reason townhomes are more coveted are privacy, square footage & views.



Having your own entrance is a major plus for privacy. Condos generally share an entrance into the building with a secondary entrance to your residence while townhomes have just one entrance. Also, in a townhome you share the side walls only with your neighbor(s) where a condo you would have someone living above/below as well as someone to you side.



Generally, townhomes provide more square footage for the owner, but it is not always the case. Some of the condos at the Whiteface Club are comparable in size with multiple floors but the shared entry way and living situation brings the value down.



Who doesn’t love a great view! Having a lakeview or sweeping mountain views really adds value to the townhome.

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