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Ask The Broker – How Much Does A Condo Cost

May 17th, 2022

How Much Does A Condo Cost?

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Condos can vary in price. Some factors that come into play when determining the value of a condo are square footage, location, HOA and views.

Square Footage

Like most properties the more square footage the more money. Having the additional space to enjoy your property adds value. Whether it is having people visit or having the extra rooms for an office it is just nice having the space to spread out.


Location is one of the main factors when determining the value. While you can find condos in multiple locations having the right location close to amenities or town can really increase the value.


Having a great HOA can add so much to the value. The Lakeside Units at the Whiteface Club in Lake Placid offer Beach Access, Golf & Tennis for 5 guests when you own a property. While these units offer so much some other units in the region may only offer management of the property i.e. snow removal, maintenance, etc.


Who doesn’t love a great view! Having a lakeview or sweeping mountain views really adds value to the condo.

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