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Ask The Broker – Cost To Build A Home In The Adirondacks

April 7th, 2022

What does it Cost To Build A House or Cabin In The Adirondacks?

The price to build a house or cabin can vary quite a bit. Below are some factors to consider when building a home in the Adirondacks:


Price of land

Different areas in the Adirondacks vary drastically on prices. From a smaller community with a lot under an acre offered for approximately $10,000 and up to a larger community, waterfront or large parcel being offered for over $400,000.

Pork Bay Camp - Aerial of lot and Upper Saranac Lake from far away

Pork Bay Camp On 11 Acres With 500 Ft Of Waterfront

Stick Built or Pre Fabricated

Architecture Blueprint

Pre-fabricated homes can have more standardized pricing as the company has set styles, size and prices of materials used when building the home with minimal customization. Hiring someone to build a stick built home allows the owner to have much more customization throughout the process. The owner now has the option of architecture, materials used and many other factors of the home; what can cause the prices to change drastically.

Price of Materials

Trees With Logs

This is a major factor when building your home. During the height of the pandemic there were shortages on many materials what caused the prices of building materials to increase. As an example, lumber at the height of the pandemic rose to almost $1,700 per thousand board feet currently it is below $1,000. Factors like this are always things to be aware of while building your home.

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