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Ask The Broker – Buying Land In The Adirondacks

April 1st, 2022

Can you buy land in the Adirondacks?

Yes, there are many vacant lots throughout the Adirondacks. In our region of the Adirondacks the price points can drastically change depending on location. Waterfront and large parcels in the right area can start over $400,000 while smaller parcels can vary from $10,000 and up. In our current market there are over 50 listings in the Tri-lake region (Lake Placid, Saranac Lake & Tupper Lake) and over 120 listings when you extend the area just a little further. Our offices currently holds 19 of these listings  but we are happy to provide information on any parcels that are available. Most of the lots throughout the region are build-able what provides you perfect opportunity to build your dream home and enjoy the Adirondack nature.

Private Acres In Harrietstown

147 Private Acres In Saranac Lake – Click photo for more information and photos.

As you are searching for your perfect piece of the Adirondacks, we suggest going to the different towns to get a feeling of the communities. Just like the varying prices, the communities can vary quite a bit. From the tourist driven towns like Lake Placid where there are consistent events going on to smaller more community focused towns like Saranac Lake or Keene Valley with a smaller scale of events and more community activities.

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