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Ask The Broker – 4 Main Categories Of Commercial Real Estate

April 21st, 2022

What Are The 4 Main Categories Of Commercial Real Estate?

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The 4 main categories of commercial real estate are: office space, industrial, multi-family rentals & retail.


Office Space – This would be business style buildings that are used as office spaces for employees.

Industrial – This would be any buildings that are used to develop, manufacture, or produce goods or products.

Multi-family rentals – Apartment buildings or homes that are focused on housing for people.

Retail – This would be storefronts for businesses.


While these are generalized, you may find commercial real estate where it is a mixture of these categories. In Lake Placid, a lot of the commercial buildings on Main Street are retail as well as multi-family rentals. These buildings have retail space on the first level and apartments on the levels above. You may also find some office space in industrial areas with businesses keeping things adjacent to each other.

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