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Ask A Broker – Affordable Lakefront Property In The Adirondacks

May 12th, 2022

Where is the most affordable lakefront property?

Cabins In Onchiota - Aerial of pond and mountains

Cabins On Oregon Pond – Click Image For Info & Photos

In our region lakefront properties can vary in price. If you are looking for a home on one of the major lakes, you will have a very difficult time finding an affordable home. Many of these homes are offered well over a million dollars. When we have a homeowner looking for a more affordable lakefront property; we suggest looking into one of the less known lakes like Rainbow Lake, Loon Lake, Lake Flower & Lake Clear. While you will still find million dollar homes on these lakes you are still able to find more affordable homes. These homes may be smaller, a little more dated or could use a little love but they will provide you with years of memories on the lake.

Our region also has many other small waterways from ponds, rivers and brooks what are also great options for someone looking to purchase a waterfront home without having to pay the premium of one of the large lakes.

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