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Are Real Estate Agents Going Extinct?

October 25th, 2022

Realtor - Agents Last

While some people say real estate agents are going extinct due to new technology developments in our field, it is not true. The process of showing real estate has become easier and more transparent. The days of physically showing properties have slowed down slightly, especially during pandemic. As stated above, developments in 360 photography and recorded video tours have given agents opportunities to reach more buyers and sellers, however their commentary and analysis of neighborhood’s schools, for example, is something that cannot be delivered with a per-recorded tour.

Along with the recorded video tours and 360 tours, agents can also do a live video tour to show potential clients the home and answer any questions they may have while being at the location. This has made the showing process more streamlined and kept the real estate agent as a core part of the information flow. Clients will still look at the home before purchasing, but these tours will provide efficiency.

Another safety net for the real estate agent profession is that many property sellers work at least 40 hours per weeks. When they list with an agent, it adds all day availability for showings and increases opportunity for the property to be sold.