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David Rasmussen

Office: (518) 523-3333
For David, trust can be a rare and precious thing, especially when you embark on significant new ventures. David has found this core value to be crucial in his eight years’ experience as a Real Estate agent in both Durango, Colorado, Sandpoint, Idaho and now with Berkshire Hathaway Adirondack Premier Properties in Lake Placid and Keene. This has also helped David to understand the pioneering spirit of the new homeowner. David’s entrepreneurial ventures have crossed many continents and cultures since leaving England. These include the wine industry both in London and Napa Valley. A marina business in Spain, travel guiding in North Africa, Real Estate investment in Quebec and two interesting music industry start-ups in California. As a serial entrepreneur, you understand the value of a dollar, and the trials and tribulations of risk and return ... ask my wife of thirty-nine years! David’s hobbies have included, sky diving instructing, motorcycling, scuba diving, hiking, photography, trans ocean sailing, writing and foreign policy and history. David’s wife, Rhoni, along with his help, is a breeder of amazing Australian Labradoodles. Whether you are seeking your dream home in the Adirondack region or selling and looking forward to the next chapter in your life, David would be delighted to consult with you to discuss your goals. (He wouldn’t want you to jump out of the plane without your parachute!)

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